Sunday, May 25, 2008

Off to the US tomorrow!

Well it's Dunton Park tonight and then off "bright" and early to Heathrow. Our list of US gigs can, as always, be found at
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Cheers, Alex

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Derry Jazz Festival (9 gigs in 4 days!)


Our last Big Jive gig of the season and it was a sell-out in Glasgow at the Grand Ol' Opry. A big thanks to Raymond and Nicki from Rock till you drop. See you all at the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

A quick sail over the Irish sea on the Way to Derry and we stopped off in Belfast for the night to enjoy an indian and have a rare night off... Or so we thought! As we were tucking in to our various curries we spotted top jazz trumpeter and BBC radio show host Linley Hamilton walking into the bar opposite with an arm full of instruments. We ran across the road to find a local jam session and Linley wouldn't let us leave without joining in with the guys so we got up and jammed a few.

One more gig to fit in on the way to Derry at Ceroc Northern Ireland's newest venue. We had record numbers and the NI Cerocers are definitely not afraid to give any tempo a bash, even Fish Fingers, Vince's notoriously speedy show piece!

We left for Derry a day earlier than normal for our sixth appearance what has become our favourite jazz festival. After a photo-shoot for the Derry News we headed straight back to Belfast for a quick appearance on Ulster Radio's George Jones show. Then it was back to Derry to take advantage of an early night before the madness of the festival started.

The first day of the Derry Jazz and Big Band Festival went off to a flying start with a performance at Foyleview school for children from 10 schools from all around the city. This went down a big hit with all the kids learning a Charleston routine from Grazia and Vince directing all to be a human drum kit! Then it was off to Da Vinci's Hotel for the opening concert with the Extraordinaires.

The afternoon was at the Foyleside shopping center , up on the second floor with a great view of the river. Despite being a shopping center at lunchtime we did the full yellow suited show and everyone had a great time, even the security guards and one cleaning lady who did a great dance with her trolley to " ragmop" !

The night time was at the new bar at Rafters. Great dancing from GI Jive. When we played " Oh Marie" the first chosen " Marie " ran into the looI guess she was a little shy! So Ian had to hastlly

Saturday turned out to be the busiest day of any Derry festival so far. Firstly we did our yearly spot at the Strand Bar in the cellar hosted by Mark Patterson from BBC Radio Foyle. Packed is an understatement, you could barely breathe, let a lone move in there and the atmosphere was great. It was great to see so many young faces able to come along to enjoy the festival.

Then after a very quick bite to eat it was round the corner to the millenium Forum for a short guest spot with local young swinger, Martin John.

Half an hour later it was back in the van and off the the Gweedore Bar. a tiny place but enough atmosphere for several planets! it was so packed that there was as many people outside watching through the window as inside. Unfortunately the view was somewhat hampered by the steamed up windows!

Alas the last day of the Derry Jazz Festival has come again. our annual Red Cross charity fundraiser went down a treat at Harry's in Donnegal. Then it was back to Da Vincis' for a double header with King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys. The night ended with both bands and George from the Roaring 40's on stage for a huge jammed rendition of Louis Prima's "Jump, Jjve and Wail".

Looking forward to next year already!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Making Of The Jive Aces New Album

Check out our new "Making Of" video for the album. Let us know what you think.