Sunday, December 10, 2006


At lunchtime today we played in Croydon in the centre with our stage neatly set up in front of the christmas tree. A few dancers came down and attracted a large crowd - special thanks to John Vassallo, the man in the hat, and Jean Claude ze famous french danseurr.
Now we are on the way to London where we are playing tonight for the SODS - society of distinguished songwriters.

The "mobile office" is a-buzz and wildly promoting our new/old christmas single "White Hot Christmas" which is being released as a download on monday (11th Dec) moving us firmly into the 21st century.
You may remember that we released it in 2003 as a single CD and unbeknownst to us it was almost in the charts, this time it is only on download for 79p (cheaper than anything in the "99p Shop"!).
You can also watch our extremely high budget "music video" - see our home page for details. Its a great song and has called the best christmas song for years (at least since Bing's "White Christmas"). When originally released it was local BBC's record of the week and is soon to join the ranks of those classic christmas songs, like Slade's etc, that are played every year ad infinitum. Its a rock and rollin, swingin' jive xmas hit!!!! (Modest it ain't, but I like it...).


Tonight we were back in the Pigalle, the very nice posh supper club owned by Vince Power. Tonight it was a "Kitch Lounge Riot" night packed full of diners and Christmas-celebraters. Its always a nice gig and everyone was soon up and dancing and the food is luvly by the way...


Tonight deserves mention, back at the 100 Club with Simon Selmon and as well as a good gig there was the Stomping King and Queen competition. Our very own Ken was one of the judges representing the UK and old friend Peter Flahiff was there for the US. It was a very good night and a stomping good time!


Ah, what a great party, the Swing Dance Company sure knows how to throw 'em - semi pun intended. It was a sell out with a waiting list as long as your arm. We played a couple of sets to some great dancers and there was caberet including Ryan and Jenny Francois and Gary and Sara Boon, plus an unmentionable surprise cabaret from the Swing Dance Company's own teachers - those who were there know what I mean...


Tonight we were the Landmarc in Bournemouth for the first time. It is a converted church which is very nicely set out as a supper club, posh night club restauranty place.

Ok, ok... so we have been too busy to keep the blog properly up dated, a back log blog! The excuse is that we have been so unbelievably busy we haven't had time to get it all down in writing to you lovely people, sorry. When I was a kid I used to write a diary - it didn't have much in it except "went to school...", then when I started to do loads of interesting things I was too busy to sit down and write in the diary - I'd like to use this as a precedent and put it forward as our defence in this case. Anyway, apologies to the lovely fans and friends who may feel left out by not being mentioned and where there are huge gaps in the blog the gigs and adventures will have to be left to the imagination and creative exageration they really deserve...


BBC Children in Need at Duxford - we played, you danced, much money was raised and we were on BBC TV three times! Cheers to all who came and contributed!