Sunday, August 27, 2006


A rare Friday night when we didn't have an official gig so we heard it was Joseph's (of Joseph and Trisha) birthday so we called up Trisha and organized a surprize performance for him. Before he arrived we set up the gear and serenaded him as he walked in the door with a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday". Later on we had to give him the obligatory birthday dance and did a nice long version of the St. Louis Blues so all the ladies got a chance to dance with him. Happy Birthday Joseph and congrats on being 21 again!


Second day in a row in the nations capital, this time at our most regular jaunt, the 100 Club. Glad to see so many peple turn up despite the heat! Guests included Laura Blake from Essex (who will be appearing with us at the upcoming Rhythm 'n' Blues Revue in Worthing) and Mark Feld from the Brick Lane Boogie Boys who jumped up for a number on bass. Joining us on stage for a spot of dancing was Warren and Maxine from the Jiving Lindy Hoppers too! We'll be back at the 100 Club on October 23rd and you never know who will show up for a guest spot!

Monday, August 21, 2006


It was our first appearance at the Capital Age Festival. Joining us were our good friends the Jiving Lindy Hoppers. The crowd gathered next to the Thames (for any americans reading this it's pronounced "Tems", don't ask why, it just is ok!). There were a ton of dancers too which was great. Hope to see you all at the 100 Club tomorrow!

After the afternoon show we jumped in the van and headed off to Romford for Lucky and Goo's wedding party. Goo has been a good friend of the band for many years and we've also known Lucky for several years (he a fantastic chef by the way so if you ever get a chance to try his schnitzel...) since we first played the the Hepcat Club in Augsburg, germany. He used to run the club with Hans and was one of Germany's only venues dedicated to good rockin' and swingin' music. A big congrats from all the Jive Aces to you both! We turned up and everything was in full swing already with Terry Elliott DJing and all food but the chocolate fountain reduced to crumbs.

Since we had a van full of instruments, we piled them in to the marquee in the garden and did a little set for the guests which seemed to include as much essex humour as it did music!


This morning we took part on the last Radio Big L roadshow of the year, this time in Caister at the Haven Holiday Camp. The weather even behaved itself. In a strange twist of fate, one of the paramedics with the roadshow was none other than Rock 'n' Roll DJ Galaxy Bob. We even dedicated "White Cliffs of Dover" to him live on air as it's his favourite track of ours.

We then pegged it over to Milton Keynes where we made a return appeance at the Talk of the Town Live. This is a beautiful supper club with some great live entertainment and the food is really good too. It's a fairly new place but it's really beginning to make a name for itself as a venue so if you are anywhere near the area then check it out. We are back there in November.


No gig today, just an appearance on BBC Three Counties to plug tomorrow's gig in Milton Keynes. Luckily we only had to drive 10 minutes down the road to BBC Radio Kent as they are all linked up. We had a great chat with DJ Luke Ashmead who does the early afternoon weekday shows so if any of you are in the area then write in and request our songs at


Today we took part in the Radio Big L roadshow in Clacton. Big L is a new station currently available on Sky 0190 and on the internet at In a couple of weeks time they go live on AM on 1395. Today was josted by legendary radio DJ and Top of the Pops presenter Mike Reed ("fabulous, pop pickers!"). Other guests included the Drifters and Jimmy Cricket ("there's more, there's more").

Some of you may have read about Smiley Miley getting choked by a snake in the national newspaper. This was a complete set up by Mike Reead and Smiley and they couldn't even get the snake to stay round his neck, it kept falling off. ?but as usual, the media give their spin on it. Makes you wonder how true more important issues you read in the paper are...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Well Ok I lied, it wasn't four performances today... It was five!

First we started out with the New Orleans Parade where all the musicians in the festival take part. Imagine 150 horn players streched in a line down the road all trying to play "Bourbon Street Parade" together!

Next it was an afternoon set at the harbour stage along the river front. The weather was great too.

After that we had our main dance concert in the Maratim Hall. All the swing dancers came from Bergen and Stavanger and further. The dance floor was nice and full too, even with non-dancers. What do you call non-dancers who dance, anyway?

After that we headed off to see the Jazzin' Babies, Norways hottest and youngest New Orleans style jazz band. They invited us to sit in with them for a jam session so we did.

After that it was off to the Hovloriet (I think that's how you spell it anyway, it's the old fish market) for the official jam session and our last bowl of fish soup.

Phew, that's it for another year. It's half past three in the morning as I'm Blogging this to you readers and we leave for the airport in 3 hours for home.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


This afternoon we started out with an interview with one of the UK's busiest traditional jazz band leaders, Phil Mason. He's been playing his trumpet for many years now and runs his own jazz festival on the Isle of Bute every year. We asked him about his inspiration, influences and life on the road. The interview will be published as part of a series for Just Jazz magazine and other interviews we have conducted recently include jazz legends, Chris Barber, Acker Bilk and Kenny Ball.

Our last night at the Byscenen was suitably full. over 600 people crammed into the venue with an even bigger group of dancers there tonight. Then, you've guessed it, we were off to the jam session for another bowl of fish soup. Well, got to get some sleep now because tomorrow we have four (that's right, count 'em, 1, 2, 3, 4). I'll tell you all about them tomorrow!

Friday, August 11, 2006


Ooh, for all you Blog readers, I've just figured out how to add photos to the Blog so there'll be some accompanying the entries. Keep your peepers peeled!


Second day in Haugesund and after last night's late finish, we get to sleep in.... NOT. It's up bright and early for a live radio in a cafe on the riverfront. We played 4 songs and Richard from the Nairobi Trio (who, incidentally, afre not from Nairobi and are actually a quartet) joined us on his fiddle. Check out thier site at

After that it was a spot of lunch in the Egon accompanied by George, lead singer from the Roaring Forties and his fiance, Orla. Great swing band based in Cork, check out thier site at

Another great night at Byscene and even more packed than last!

Then it was back to the jam session for another bowl of fish soup. Bed at 4am...

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Just finished the first day at Sildajazz in Haugesund, Norway. The flight over was packed with musicians with everybody from Harry Conolly's Jazz Friends, Johnny Boston, The Brasshoppers, T. J. Johnson's band and many others.

We played at our regular spot over here, the Byscenen and had a really good crowd. They kept telling us that everybody had been waiting for "the yellow men" to come back to Haugesund.

After the show it was off to the fish market for our bowl of fish soup and a set from Norway's youngest (and one of the best that we've heard) dixieland bands. the Jazzin' Babies.