Saturday, March 25, 2006


Today we are in Hollywood, LA in the Mad Hatter recording studio working on our next album. It’s a beautiful studio that used to belong to Chick Corea and is now owned by Golden Era Productions. We have been writing new material to go on the album along side some of the favourite and most requested old songs – so a fine mix of originals and covers…we have written a London song and also one called “The Few” to commemorate the Battle of Britain and the inspiration of “our finest hour” and those who fought. Also there is an interesting song about the possibility of a strong love carrying on beyond this life…meeting again. Oh, and that reminds me also our own version of “We’ll Meet Again” and some nice bluesy tracks for slow jiving. We are having a lot of fun creating a new masterpiece anyway…time for a cappuccino…


We flew in to the US and performed at a large event to around 10,000 people in LA. This was a celebration for the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard and included a presentation about his life showing his start as an early aviator, his time as a “pulp fiction” adventure story author and Hollywood screenwriter during the ‘30’s (working with Clark Gable etc), his naval career in WWII and into his more well known humanitarian and philosophical work including interviews with people who knew him at the time.
We played at the opening and at the after party where our good friend Gina and her fiancé came to see us and dance – we know her from long ago from Savoy South swing dance in Florida so great to see her again.


This was our first time at the Swansea Grand theatre in Wales and it was a good night and quite a few people who have seen us before at various festivals in and around Wales. Hope to be back soon.


This was the last night of Ceroc Storm, their first weekender at Camber Sands. We played just over an hour to a great audience who danced throughout and gave us two encores – on the famous choice “danceable or ridiculous” they opted for the latter, a wild show number which went down very well but we followed it with the danceable “Well All right, OK, You Win”.
It was quite an early set and the night goes late so we got a chance to dance ourselves afterwards and meet a lot of people which was great.


Tonight was the Swing Cat’s Ball, the annual event in Stockport with GI Jive and this night with the best UK western swing band the Swing Commanders who started off the evening with a great set. Later at the end of our set we brought three of our friends from the commanders back up and played some “western jive” with fiddle and steel guitar, which we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and so did Ian Hartley, who made it all happen (as well as the audience).