Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Thought we could take it easy after yesterday's madness? Think again!

The last set of the year at the War and Peace show and the Victory Marquee was jam packed!

We then hot footed it off to Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Winston Churchill) and played after the spectacular air show for the Fly to the Past airshow. Our good friend John Miller had been entertaining the crowds in the afternoon between displays too.

Check out the pics, on stage, with the dancers from the Oxford Swing Dance Society and Helen and her brand new Harry Potter book which she bought and read ont he first day of release during the airshow!


Now I'll start off by saying that today's logistics are impossible... But that doesn't mean it can't be done!

We started off the day with the usual lunchtime set at the War and Peace show, threw the gear int he van and headed to Victoria Park in Hackney for the Lovebox Festival where we played om the "Insect Circus Stage". We played and had just enough rain to make Singin' in the Rain look good.

We then jumped onto the golf buggy to take us across back to the car park, jumped into the van and bolted up to Royston, Herts for the Jazz in the Stables concert for a 7:30pm start.



Today we spent the entire day at the War and Peace show. We started of the lunchtime set as usual and then played to a sell-out crowd for the evening dance. Thanks to Terry Elliott for not only playing a great set of tunes but he also organizes all the entertainment for the war and Peace Show every year!


Another lunchtime set at the War and Peace show and then off to Reading for another year at the Reading Real Ale and Jazz Festival. Last Year we broke the Thursday attendance record and this year was no different and we topped it yet again! Thanks to Richard Leach's seven Stars of Jazz for a great set of New Orleans and Swing tunes.

Hope to See you all next year!


Today is the first day of the War and Peace show at the Hop Farm in Paddock, Kent.

We had a great crowd in for the afternoon set including the ever smiling Belgian!

See you all and more tomorrow at the same time!


This is the start of a long week!

Today we made a presentation of the work we do on the "Say No To Drugs, Say Yes To Life" campaign at Saint Hill which was attended by Mayors, deputy Mayors, town councilors, town centre managers, drug workers and other dignitaries.

It started off with us playing a few numbers to set the tone (as it is "Say Yes To Life" as well as the "No To Drugs" bit!)

We also had a presentation form the campaign coordinator from the Church of Scientology who sponsor and organize the campaign, a demonstration of the Narconon drug education lecture form Noel Nile and a couple of graduates speaking from the Narconon drug rehabilitation program in Hastings who are now 100% drug free.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


If you are feeling worn out reading the last lot of Blogs then wait for this...

Got up early after the Americana, drove all the way to Erith in Kent for a "bright" and early performance for the Tour De France starting around 11:00am.

Chucked the stuff in the van and headed over to Tenterden for another Tour De France festival in the park with loads of other acts and bands. Well done to the Homewood 9th years who had worked out some great jive routines for our set!

Chucked the stuff in the van again and headed to Hayes near Bromley for a gig at the Warren with none other than our good mate John Miller and his orchestra. It was great to catch up with John and if you missed the show we'll be playing twice more i nthe near future with him, at the Fly To The Past event at Blenheim Palace and also at the Glenn Miller Festival at Twinwood near Bedford. All details on the gig guide at

Monday, July 09, 2007


Up to Notts to the Americana festival. We played in between Johnny and the Jailbirds and the Hamsters on the Rock 'n' Roll stage then went over to the Country stage to watch the Swing Commanders and their new lineup including the Laverne (hope that's spelled correctly!) Sisters. Really nice sound, especially when they get the three fiddles going at once. Good luck guys and see ya'll soon.


Touched down at Gatwick at 9:30am, went to bed for a couple of hours and then straight out the door down to Hastings for the Hotshots dance (bit of a battle it was... Get it?!). Thanks to Mike and the crew, had a great time.


It's the fourth of July and an English band is playing for the Americans in Florida. The other band same stage is made up of French, English and Australian musicians too. Well we thought we would leave the rain behind for a few days and bask in the sun in Clearwater but no, it actually bucketed down and again stopped just in time for the gig. We had a great show in the sweltering heat and ended off the night with a jam session on "All Right, OK, You Win" with the Freewinds band, Gayle Moran Corea and Elena Roggero.


Got up horribly early and flew to Florida. Standing in the queue at Gatwick we looked across to see some familiar faces holding musical instruments. It turned out to be Bill Haley's' Original Comets who were flying home from their performance at the Wildest Cats in Town weekender. Check out the picture of us and Joey D'Ambrosia, Marshall Lyttle and Dick Richards.

We arrived at Tampa airport 5:00pm local time. Arrived at 6:00pm at concert. On stage by 6:25pm!


Summertime Swing. By all accounts the most successful year so far. With over 850 people attending and a slew of special guests it was a day to remember.

As it was raining all morning we had the great hall set up in case but true to style, 15 minutes before the doors were scheduled to officially open, the clouds broke and the sun shone gloriously for the rest of the day with not a singly drop of rain!

Thanks to all our guests including the Jivettes, Wee Willy Harris, Toni Elizabeth Prima and Mr. Acker Bilk. Thanks also to our wonderful DJ and MC Terry Elliott and the dancers the Jiving Lindy Hoppers and the London Swing Cats who supplied some great dance cabarets spots and a surprise jam up together on Flying Home.

For those of you who stayed till the very end you will have seen the quite spectacular fireworks display supplied by Frontier Fireworks. Thanks also to all the Saint Hill Manor staff who helped us organize and host the event.

A special and big thanks to Buster, Martin, Grant, Slick Nick, Gillian and Mike and Nick for helping to sell tickets for us.

Looks like we raised a couple of grand for charity, full details and a slide show will be on the website soon.


A whole day of setting up for Summertime Swing before dashing off to London.

Before arriving at the Pigalle Club once again for a second night of suave and sophistication we popped into the Barbican where our friend and modern jazz legend Chick Corea was performing. Unfortunately we didn't have time to stay for the gig but we did manage to get a quick snap in and wish him good luck. Chick is a featured guest on our new album on two songs including a haunting version of Summertime.


A phone call from our mate Russell from the Jiving Lindy Hoppers and we had an extra gig to fit in to our mad schedule today. After a quick "Say No To Drugs" in Watford (with Bob and his great T-shirt!) we headed on over to the Royal Festival Hall where they have restarted their "Commuter Jazz" series. Great to see so many dancers turn out at short notice and they have a much better dance floor in the foyer (they call it "The Ballroom") and they are interested in doing it more regularly too.

A night at the beautiful Pigalle Club in Picadilly where the food is great and the decor is straight out of a 1940's detective movie. If you haven't been down here you should check it out... Especially when we are playing!


A Say no To Drugs event today in Croydon and the Sun was shining. Who else should we bump into than British Rock 'n' Roll legend Wee Willy Harris doing his shopping. Being a true showman he got up and jammed a few R'n'R standards including a rousing version of Bill Haley's' Rip it Up.


Back after a Blog break,now you cancatch up with the latest again... and there is lots of it too!

Our regular London haunt and the longest running swing dance club in London, the 100 Club was jumping tonight. We also had a surprise visit from actress Rosamund Pike and her friends who came down after their performance in "Gaslight" down the road.